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This film says a lot about the inability of Americans to be satisfied. No matter how much we can get, we are never satisfied. It mentioned in the film that someone could be ready to throw up and still not be satisfied ….many people come to Vegas because they have addictions. Las Vegas is all about trying to satisfy those addictions, but hotel chains know that they will always keep coming back. Americans are all about consuming as much as they can get their hands on.

This (film) explains American culture in a nutshell. It is screaming freedom and bounty. But how come the Cornucopia (horn of plenty) at the first Thanksgiving was ok and this isn't? People work and pay for this food just as they did in the old days...there's just much more of an enterprise with it now, and much larger scale. Is this corporate control? I don't think so. This is just one of the many apples America has to offer its Eves...

Consumption Sums it up. The American public has become spoiled by the ease and speed of acquiring just about anything they want. Vegas reflects this ten fold – it’s one giant smorgasbord, from the food, to the culture interaction, to the availability of normally illegal habits. All inhibitions seem to melt away in Vegas.

I think people really come here with gluttony and excess on their minds. Lots of exotic foods seems like the most direct access for people to lifestyle of decadence. The buffet not only has a variety of choices but you can choose all of them. I think this culture values material wealth and coming to Vegas is a way of participating in living like you have lots of everything. It's like leave the water running, open the windows, turn on the heater, eat all the food in one sitting, leave every light on, burn your money, etc...waste every resource away. Kind of the opposite of sustainability.

Please. Everyone is getting our case. "We Americans are so greedy." That's a load of crap. I've lived out of the country and have parents and family of two different ethnicities. Everyone else is just as greedy as we are. We just have easier access to consumption and don't have the necessity or the pressure from outside sources to need to control that consumption for most things. We are starting to watch oil, energy and water usage, though.

I think Americans are greedy, but I also think that most people that live in modernized civilizations are also just as greedy as Americans are. I think that in America though, we've institutionalized it and have even thrived economically and politically on the concept of over consumption. I mean when international tourists, and probably even more so with American tourists, come to America, what do they want to do? Spend money. They come here and buy crap. Take pictures. See the sights. And in the case of Las Vegas, gamble, eat until you fall into a coma, and maybe participate in non-family friendly activities.

I do appreciate another factor of buffets though... My elderly friend lives and breathes "buffet". It is such an "outing" to be able to go find food there to pick from when you're eating for one, cooking for one and making dinner would be such a difficult undertaking daily. It becomes a social event.

I am from Europe and overall we are all the same!!! People need places like Las Vegas in order to meet the necessity that is inside of all of us. Of course, Las Vegas is the No. 1 entertainment city in the world with no limits. And that's exactly the way it is supposed to be. On the other hand, I believe that Americans do not think about future consequences such as environmental sustainability. We are running out of resources. Everybody around the world has to start to take actions for the well-being of our future generations. America is the economically strongest nation in the world. Therefore, America should give something back in order to make the world a more sustainable place.

What this film says to me about Las Vegas is that our city was created as a haven of pleasurable experiences for people to come to outside of their normal existences. This town is not normal, and I can't imagine who would think it is.  It is the Entertainment Capital of the World.   Food is a form of entertainment.

I think the largest factor in people over eating is the price. If they only eat 1 plate full, then it will cost them x amount for that plate. Whereas if they can eat 3 or 4 plates they will be paying less per plate, and that makes them feel good. Getting the most for the dollar on vacation seems to me to be a large reason the buffets do so well. Everyone wants a deal, and the buffet is the place to get it.

Americans appear greedy but its not just us. The human race, we as individuals are greedy by nature. It may be that we Americans have a different way of expressing what we want so we seem "greedier" than any other country. One thing is for sure- Americans love to eat. Statistics show that we are one of the fattest countries in the world. The idea of attending a Vegas buffet seems so pleasurable to us for two reasons. 1) We love to eat and love having the option to eat as much as we want 2) We love to spend as little money as possible. Consumption is a good word to describe our culture. We want, want, want to consume as much as possible, in the best way possible, spending as little as possible and buffets satisfy this need of our never ending need to consume. This can refer to food, but it doesn’t have to.

In the film consumption takes on a desolate, non-satisfactory tone, which is very realistic, but consumption doesn't always have to be this way. There is consuming life, consuming opportunities, consuming knowledge, consuming a hamburger... Perhaps consumption could be looked at in terms of production, not waste.

The behavior of the people in the buffet was a little disturbing to watch from the outside. especially the casual way that people talked about binging and purging and even stealing food from the buffet. Isn't pigging out the expected behavior when you eat there though? it reminds me of going to the movies, where its ok to eat pound of candy, a giant bucket of popcorn and drink a gallon of soda. you don't go to a buffet for a 'light' lunch...

People go to buffets because they can feel that they’re cheating the system.  Buffets reflect American culture because the basis of this culture is to attain as much in life as possible no matter what. When an American can attain  as much food as possible without having to trade off an excessive  amount of money, they are going to take that opportunity.  But like the video said—with attaining ones desires comes a great feeling of emptiness and sadness.  At a buffet, one can only eat what the stomach allows, and the person feels sadness for not being able to attain the whole amount of food.  Then comes the guilt of eating too much or wasting to food or the thought of all the people in the world who are starving.  Of course, this guilt lasts just as long as an American attention span.

I am a college student and an all-you-can-eat buffet for 7 bucks sounds like a deal to me.  I have the freedom to take and eat however much, whatever I want, whenever I want.  By the time I have packed in all the food I can, I feel sick, guilty for wasting food, and  upset... 

What makes our culture so great is that it is so diverse, and one way that is shown at the buffets is by the different ethnic foods that are served there.  How many places can you go and have Chinese, Italian and Mexican all on one plate?  We are a country who is made up of  many different cultures, and one of the places where they all can come together is at the buffets.  Buffets get every culture and class together in one room where everyone is happy.  Where else does that happen?

When I was younger, I used to get disgusted at buffets. I couldn't believe how much food was wasted each day and how much food people could consume in one sitting.  I have changed my tune.  If you think about it, it's not just Las Vegans who come to enjoy the buffets, it's the millions of tourists from all over the world who come to taste the variety of foods buffets have to offer.   Las Vegas draws different people together from all around the world. They know they can rely on our buffets to satisfy desires that they normally couldn't do elsewhere.

Buffets creep me out.   The food sitting there all day, under that lamp.  And you have every class of people at a buffet, and some love to touch the food with their hands.  And  you have every culture which is good but some people don’t cover their mouth when they sneeze and others grab the food with their hands after scratching their ass.

I am a nutrition major at UNLV and part of the curriculum is to take a sanitation course, where I learned a lot about what really goes on behind the doors of a buffet.  Most of the  food that is prepared for a buffet is mass-produced as shown in the movie, and in a situation were things are mass-produced, everything can not be kept sanitary at all times.  I know the thought of cheap food is appealing but do people really stop to think about what they are eating?  If you go to a buffet were the cost of the product catches your eye, remember that the quality of that food might not be what you expect.

I loved the film, watching pure human nature on its course.  United States of FOOD.  We love it.   We are the most overweight country but we enjoy it.  What healthy person in this world doesn't love food?  Eating is good healthy fun, fried food or not.  Why not enjoy yourself?  People have buffets on their lists of things to do while visiting Las Vegas. When I first visited as a child, my family checked out the Rio’s It’s a Small World Buffet and it was great.  People go buck wild for crab legs.  Honestly we all know the feeling of being overly stuffed and wanting to puke. I think it's good we can feel that but bad if we do it too often.